Build Your Digital Mental Wellness Empire From Home


Here's A Sneak Peak Into Our

Training System... 

  • A simple launch framework to help you get into profit in your first 30 days.  
  • A proven posting roadmap with example posts for you to model. 
  • A sales process so you'll never be confused about what to do next. 
  • Messenger flow to help you close your prospects in messenger. 
  • A growth blueprint to help you find your perfect prospecton social media and attract them to you. 
  • How to use hashtags and Facebook groups to grow your audience for Free. 
  • How to setup your IG and FB profiles to set you up for success. 
  • A scale method to help you grow your business using free strategies as well as Facebook ads. 


Dawn Sullivan

"I was stuck at the same rank for 3 years and knew something needed to change. I had no process and no way to find more people to talk with, and networking events and home parties always caused me anxiety and didn’t even work! Once I started using the Sales Process Roadmap, I began getting results. In my first year using the system, I became the #4 enroller company wide and ranked up 8 times in 9 months. This system works! And I now have my downline consistently on the top 10 enroller list too!"



Mandy King

"Prior to joining Amare I felt done with the industry. After achieving much success in a previous company with zero systems or tools, I found myself caught on the hamster wheel of striving, going backwards, and falling short. After joining Amare and implementing the social swagger training system, I have more than quadrupled my departing income from my previous company and built a team of over 500 customers and wellness partners in 5 months! I had no idea how different this could be until I witnessed it work first hand. It’s exciting to have a team full of excited (and winning!) teammates!"

Shannon Boyle

"After several years in network marketing and being stuck at the same rank I joined Amare and the Social Swagger leadership team. I quickly learned how to attract new customers and team members using social media. Since applying the simple system I rank advanced to the top 5% of the company and have enrolled hundreds of new people onto my team using social media."

Andrea Clark

"The social swagger training is phenomenal! The trainings and systems are innovative and cutting edge. Applying these skills took me from zero influence and stuck in my business to magnetic on social media. I have rank advanced 6 times and I am recognized as a top enroller in the entire company month after month. The best part its that my team is taking off and I”m watching them get the same results."

Jen Vannatta

"My team hit their 9th promotion within 10 months! I remember wondering if I was being unrealistic to think there was a way to build my business without spamming my family and friends. On a face to face zoom call, I was told, "We have figured out a way to authentically let your audience know you want to help them! You don't have to send cold messages or chase people. We are coming from a place of love and service." The vision was clear, the message life changing, and the passion unshakable.  This is what I was looking for. The authentic strategies that I have been taught has allowed me to be ME! It's working! I am now apart of the top 15 earners in the entire company, I’m in the top 20 enrollees in the entire company, and I have grown a large organization with hundreds of customers and wellness partners. In the past 60 days I doubled my organization by implementing the duplicatable systems I was taught."

Dale L'Ecuyer

"I was in a company for over 10 years prior to partnering with Amare.I had enrolled over 400 people but there was high attrition and ZERO duplication so I was basically spinning my wheels month after month. When I was introduced to Amare, I was amazed and ecstatic to see that there were actually duplicatable systems in place that my team and I could easily follow & implement.  Following the social swagger systems have not only brought myself and my team success but have reignited my excitement and belief in Network Marketing."